When winter falls, snow calls!

We all have a certain preference for seasons. Some of us like to laze in the sun, lying by a pool, bathed in sunscreen. There is also a second category of people that prefers the winter chill. These are the people for whom snow is an excuse to get out of the house rather than stay in.

So, we’ve collected a total of five destinations that call out to you as soon as the winter wind starts to blow. In most countries, it is difficult for people below 24 to rent a car, but there are various companies that allow it at a slightly higher price.

1.Gulfloss, Iceland

This waterfall, situated in the southwest Iceland, is spectacular even in the summer. But when the wintertime freezes some parts of it, the rocks become a hub for the snow while the water turns a vibrant turquoise. Surrounded by canyon walls standing 200 feet tall, this 100 feet tall waterfall is beauty in its rawest form.

2.Lake Bled, Slovenia

Nestled somewhere in the Julian Alps, the lake firms the bank of Bled Island. The island is a well populated, with a few buildings a beautiful church that hostsseveral weddings a year. The people there believe that when a groom carries his bride up the steps on the tower of the church and ring the bell there, it brings them good fortune in their married life. In the surrounding area, you can enjoy skiing, caves and waterfalls.

3.Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

There are currently just three Patagonian glaciers that continue to grow and Perito Moreno Glacier is one of them. This makes it a widely popular destination among tourists. At its northern end, there is a glacier cave that welcomes tourists which also allows a boat tour.

4.Uludag, Turkey

If you are a fan of winter sports, this is the mountain that you should make home for winters. Visitors have the option of taking up a cable car ride that takes them to magnificent mountains. The car is big enough to fit
80 tourists, with windows that allow 360-degree view of the beauty around you.

5.Abisko, Sweden

Reindeers running in a vibrant national park with aurora borealis making guest appearances welcome you here. Also, winter sports! Need I say more?

So, even if you are not a fan of winters, pack your bags, and even if you are under 24, rent a car. Because such beautiful experiences are worth saving up for!